Balloon Modeling


Well Done team!  This was a presentation/team building hour by Miss Lily on balloon modelling based in Hockley at a BNI Meeting 7:00am. Yes before going to Studio 15 to start working with flowers for you.

I enjoyed sharing my balloon modelling skills with the group and they enjoyed wearing the balloon hats that they made and wore with pride !  Balloons are an ideal way to build teams within an organisation. I have a proven track record as a customer care and team building trainer (18 years in the professional training arena) working with many organisations across the UK.

Although I changed my career 16 years ago training to be a florist, my skills are transferrable, and I still enjoy delivering team building courses in my spare time, (That's a joke! - I don't have much spare time -  as some of you know) but I still enjoy doing something different, especially when people enjoy themselves and have a good time. 

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