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2ft Rose Wreath

Product Description

This design is 2ft in diameter and is white roses only with a seasonal edge of foliage.  Over the past 2 years customers have choosen this round rose wreath for people who have gone onto their next journey.  It is an alternative to long double ended and single ended sprays.

This 2ft white rose tribute was once described as "pure in heart", but you can have: red roses, pink roses, yellow roses, peach roses, lilac roses or a mixture of coloured roses.  The choice is yours for your loved one.

We are the instruments of your wishes and requests in designing what you want as a fitting tribute for your loved one.

If you would like to speak to a person, then please ring 0121 454 4455 and ask for Georgette or Miss Lily and/or come along to our Studio 15 which is now open to the public.  

You can relax and look through our portfolio of funeral tributes. 



2ft Rose Wreath

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