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Well Done team!  This was a presentation/team building hour by Miss Lily on balloon modelling based in Hockley at a BNI Meeting 7:00am. Yes before going to Studio 15 to start working with flowers for you.

I enjoyed sharing my balloon modelling skills with the group and they enjoyed wearing the balloon hats that they made and wore with pride!.  Balloons are an ideal way to build teams within an organisation.  I have a proven track record as a customer care and team building trainer (18 years in the professional training arena) working with many organisations across the UK.

Although I changed my career 16 years ago, my skills are transferrable, and I still enjoy delivering team building courses in my spare tim, (That's a joke! - I don't have much spare time -  as some of you know) but I still enjoy doing something different, especially when people enjoy themselves and have a good time. 

Have a look at OUR Gallery and view our designs and decor that we have produced for special events like a : special birthday, anniversary, chistenings, weddings etc. We have set up events in venues throughout our LOCAL areas including: The Parklands Banqueting Suite, Optima Housing - Lee Bank, Summerfield Centre - Winson Green, BCA - Jenkins Street, The Emerald Suite, The Irish Centre - Digbeth to name but a few. 

Give us a ring and find out what we can do with you.  We will work within your budget at all times.

Miss Lilys Birmingham B18 0121 454 4455 

About Miss Lily x

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